Coolrooms Plus Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s leading company specializing in high quality temperature controlled rooms. Our core activities include the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of temperature controlled rooms, which covers in wide ranges: energy efficient cool rooms, freezers, mobile cool rooms, food processing plants, farm coolrooms, portable buildings, warehouse & factories, clean rooms, laboratories and hospitality applications.

Coolrooms Plus Pty Ltd was established on a basis of previous business of engineering & sales. We do recognize market needs associated with climate changes: temperature, unexpected weather conditions. We realize consumers’ needs for more control of our environment and protection from extremes.

Our goal is to provide clients with a variety of ways in which they could protect their products, working conditions, transport of the goods, increase productivity.

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Address: 8 Brooklyn Avenue, Dandenong South Vic 3175
P: 03 8774 6527
F: 03 8774 6951